What is OpenSensors?

OpenSensors is an Internet of Things company providing public and private infrastructure for real-time data. We want to make it easy for you to create smart products.

What does that mean?

We're making it easy for people to connect, deploy and remotely manage large deployments of sensors and internet-connected devices in the field at scale. We also provide the means for you to subscribe to and reuse publicly available real time data.

What devices can I connect to OpenSensors?

You can connect any internet connected device to our messaging broker. From PCs to Raspberry Pis, Android to Electric Imp, we're completely hardware agnostic.

Who can access this device data?

Anyone can connect one or many devices and publish Open Data through OpenSensors for free. Open Data is publicly accessible, shareable and reusable by and for anyone. You can search for public data easily such as earthquake, transport and air quality.

Users can also choose to keep their data private.

How can I get hold of this data?

We provide real time and historical access to public and private data through the API and in-browser data view. Download raw historical messages from devices in the OpenSensors Open Data community or tap into any one of thousands of devices publishing real-time data Real-Time Firehose data-feeds.

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